Tournaments – OL Spring 17 - 3

08 Apr 2017

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7 a side / 20 mins

Not derby mode!

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Core details

Status Archived
Tournament name OL Spring 17 - 3
Date of first fixtures 08 Apr 2017 23:30
Type Run by Cybersports
Format League
Use `Competitive Mode` ? 0
`Competitive Mode` level 0
Signup type Team signup
Match windows 100
Team size 7
Match duration 20
Fixtures to show 50
Results to show 50
URL of microsite OL Spring 17 - 3

Extra info

Tournament rules Standard OL Rules Please do not signup if you don't have an active PMC. You should never signup if you don't have at least 6 players in your team and have not played at least 1 PMC match of the same type -7 aside if the tournament is 7aside. All reward
Tournament prizes No Prize
Tournament sponsor No Sponsor

Signup and Kickoff

07 Apr 2017 18:08

signup available until 19:00 GMT, Saturday April 8th , kick off at 20:00 GMT


07 Apr 2017 18:09

Open League will begin when there are at least 10 teams signing up.

Signup condition

07 Apr 2017 18:12

Please do not signup if you are not sure that your team will complete at least 50% of the fixture.


09 Apr 2017 20:11

The winning team will win 30k FS Credits x FCR. (FCR : Fixture Completion Rate, inactive teams don't count in FCR calculation. ) FCR is added to encourage teams to complete their fixtures no matter if they have secured 1st place.


17 Apr 2017 15:40

As we have noticed that there are PMCs who regularly signup but rarely ever play matches during OL. These teams -that don't play at least 50% of the fixtures- will not be accepted to the following OL.


21 Apr 2017 08:53

Galactik Football wins 18k credits. Manager, please raise a ticket.