Tournaments – OL Frenzy 1


08 Jul 2017

OL Frenzy is a special type of Open League with exciting rewards. Total amount of prizes will be decided by players themselves! The more teams signup and the more matches played during the league, there will be more prizes up for grabs. There is also a hidden achievement reward. Read announcements for details.

Team signup


7 a side / 20 mins

Not derby mode!

Signups are closed

Sign ups for this tournament are now closed.

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Core details

Status Archived
Tournament name OL Frenzy 1
Date of first fixtures 08 Jul 2017 19:00
Type Run by Cybersports
Format League
Use `Competitive Mode` ? 0
`Competitive Mode` level 0
Signup type Team signup
Match windows 100
Team size 7
Match duration 20
Fixtures to show 50
Results to show 50
URL of microsite OL Frenzy 1

Extra info

Tournament rules Standard OL Rules Please do not signup if you don't have an active PMC. You should never signup if you don't have at least 6 players in your team and have not played at least 1 PMC match of the same type -7 aside if the tournament is 7aside. All reward
Tournament prizes No Prize
Tournament sponsor No Sponsor

Signup and kick off

07 Jul 2017 10:54

Sign up available until 18:00 GMT and kick off from 19:00 GMT on Saturday, July 8th.


07 Jul 2017 10:56

Starting prize pool: 30k FS Credits. Max prize pool: 60k FS Credits.

Prize format

07 Jul 2017 10:58

There will be two types of prizes. Top team at the end of the league will win 60% of the prize pool while the rest of the pool will be distributed to other teams after draw (higher ranked teams will have a greater chance in draw)

Hidden Achievement Reward

07 Jul 2017 11:00

Find the hidden achievement and win legendary shinpads. Hidden Achievement is a personal goal (such as scoring 2 or more goals on average or winning MOTM more than 5 times etc.) and will be randomly picked during the league by the league administration. It will be disclosed after the league and winner will be announced here.

Pool boosters

07 Jul 2017 11:07

If a player wins the hidden achievement reward, total prize pool will be increased by an additional 20%. If all matches are completed, there will be another 20% boost. Play and Win!

Inactivity penalty

07 Jul 2017 11:12

If a PMC completes the OL without playing at least 2 matches, signing up player of the PMC will receive a 5 level penalty.


22 Jul 2017 12:22

Total pool: 48k FS Credits. Devils Fc: 29k FS Credits. After draw: M Y S T I C : 10k FS Credits. Vampire Sc: 9k FS Credits. Managers, please raise a ticket to collect your rewards. Hidden Achievement will be announced shortly.


28 Jul 2017 12:53

No player has won the secret achievement: play 20 matches or more.